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Artificial Life Resources

A collection of resources I have collected on artificial life related topics. Enjoy.

  • My Phreaknic9 Presentation (~66 MB, includes movies)
  • AL4AI--Phreaknic9.ppt (~6MB, presentation only, no movies)

  • Sims.BlockyCreatures.mpg
  • Books Related to Artificial Life and Evolution
  • Vehicles
    An utterly fantastic book. It is short (168 pages) and is *highly* recommended for anyone interested in artificial life,
  • Darwin's Dangerous Idea
    This book goes into the philosophical importance of evolution. It also covers much of the more complicated parts of evolutionary theory. It's a bit long and but not horrendously technical.
  • I would also recommend Dawkin's various books, particularly "The Selfish Gene", however most of his work has been so incredibly successful that the ideas in it have already seeped into most other writings on evolution (including the papers on this page). I guess this is good for Dawkins, but it is a bit ironic since it makes his works no longer as important.
  • Simple Example Program Demonstrating Evolution
    I will gladly answer any questions about this program or this program in its relation to evolution, just write me an email.
  • evolution_ex.log This file has the raw data from which I generated my graphs

  • Papers Related to Artificial Life

    What is Life/Artificial Life
  • Langton.ALife.pdf -- Introduction to Cellular Automata
  • FarmerBelin.IsItAlive.pdf -- One of the best current defintions of life
  • Historical
  • James.Psych-Assoc.pdf -- William James paper on psychological associationism, this form of thinking was mathematized with Hebbian learning and is used implemented in Alife simulations
  • Walter.ImitationOfLife.pdf -- Walter Grey's Turtles
  • Academic, Interplay between evolution and neural networks
  • Chalmers.EvoLearning.pdf -- (Theoretical) Evolution applied to Neural Networks. Author is David Chalmers, now a prominent philosopher on consciousness
  • Parisi.LearnBehavEvo.pdf -- (theory) Interactions between evolution and neural networks
  • Evolution
  • HintonNowlan.Learn_Evo.pdf -- (short) How evolution can guide learned adaptions (Baldwin Effect)
  • Langton.EdgeOfChaos.pdf -- Alife and information theory
  • Simulated Brains
  • Linsker.OrgPrinc.pdf -- Artificial neural systems capturing key features of biological neural systems [1].
  • Linsker.SelfOrg.pdf -- Artificial neural systems capturing key features of biological neural systems [2].
  • Animal Intelligence
  • NewSci.PrimitiveCog.pdf -- (non-academic) Animal Intelligence, Fruitflies
  • SalienceInFly.overview.pdf -- Animal Intelligence, Fruitflies
  • Giurfa.Honeybees.pdf -- Animal Intelligence
  • Basic Methods
  • Anderson.Neurocomp.pdf -- Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Goldberg.IntroToGAs.pdf -- Introduction to Evolution/Genetic Algorithms
  • Hebb.OrgOfBehavior.pdf -- Learning mechansim of the brain (hebbian learning)
  • Schneider.InfoTheory.pdf -- Introduction to Information Theory
  • Important past experiments
  • Ray.tierra.pdf -- Tom Ray's "Tierra". First alife system to successfully evolve computer code
  • Sims.EvoVirtCreatures.pdf -- Karl Sim's paper on the "Blocky Creatures"
  • Polyworld
  • Yaeger.Polyworld.pdf -- Polyworld Whitepaper
  • vml02.pdf
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