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Zaurus: Changing Startup Screen

changing the startup screen Warning---this is a lot more complex than it sounds, as we need to understand permissions and the read-only nature of the rom.

To change the second startup screen (we haven't found out how to change the first SHARP screen yet) edit /home/QtPalmtop/ using a text editor (we used nec in embeddedkonsole)

and you will see that the line

sdisp /home/QtPalmtop/pics144/Startup_screen.bmp &

contains a reference to a directory with a .bmp file. This is actually a link (in the rom we are using, anyway---best way to check is to use the command ls -s /home/QtPalmtop/pics144/Startup_screen.bmp

which showed that this link pointed to /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/pics144/Startup_screen.bmp

we suspect this is because we're using Sash's rom, and he modified the line in the to point to his file, but we're not sure.

We copied this file to /mnt/card/Screen_Files to see what it looked like.

It shows up as an image of width 480pixels and height 640pixels. In other words, it is a portrait-size image of the full screen of the C700.

We used an image editor (the GIMP) to prepare an image of the same size and name (making sure it was a .bmp format file with the same file size, resolution, and orientation, and permissions), and substituted it for the original /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/pics144/Startup_screen.bmp (this substitution step actually involved changing permissions on the file, changing the pointer, saving the file and changing the permissions again---all because we couldn't figure out how to overwrite the Startup_screen actually within pics144 since its permissions could not be changed)

voila, a new startup screen! (well, if your process ended up deleting the like ours did, then you panic and try to find a new!!!! This is why the file is normally read only and the file is not to be messed with...)

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