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Young man, you've been writing some code, I said,
Young man, think it ought to be showed, I said,
Young man, but what you shoulda knowed, is some
Things... must... be... left... un-said

Young man, there's a law that's been passed, I said,
Young man, we hoped it wouldn't last, but now,
Young man, if you break it, your ass will be
Hauled... a-way... to... Club Fed

We cannot stay with the DMCA
Get hauled away with the DMCA

You cannot circumvent
Any music or book
Can't even let your kid take a look

That's why we're flamin' the DMCA
Our guy was framed on the DMCA
The Man gives us rules
That we've got to obey
But encryption just gets in the waaaaaay...

Young man, there's no need to feel down, I said,
Young man, hide yourself underground, I said,
Young man, 'cause the Feds are in town, you know,
There's no place you can hide,
Young man, there's no place you can go, I said,
Young man, when they don't like your code, if you
Stay here, I am sure you will find
That you haven't got no more time.


You sir, I hope you understand, we're im-
Pa-tient, hope the Feds free our man, but no-
Bo-dy... can resist our demand, we'll shout
Til... they... free... D-mi-try

Dima's... fate lies in our own hands, so please
Help us... make them meet our demands, so call
D.C., make them send this young man, back to
His... own... home... and... fam'ly
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