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The Wonderful Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

I was recently in the market for a PDA device to add to my assortment of technological toys. I especially wanted something that had internet access so I could have "Pocket Google" -- you have no idea how nice this is until you have it, it's amazing the number dinner table discussions can be settled after a quick search. Also, it would be nice to have something that had non-sucking text entry.

The primary eliminating factor for PDA's was definitely the non-sucking text entry. Most PDA's still have the standard Palm V shaped design and I really hate graphitti. I wanted a full keyboard and nothing else. This quickly narrowed the competition. And, in any event, there were 3 basic devices that I found that met my needs. They were the:

  • Danger Hiptop
  • Sony Clie PEG-UX50
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

    Anyway, there are a good number of reviews of each these devices, and to make a long story short I decided on the Zaurus, and will spend the rest of this page talking about it, why you might want to consider purchasing one, and a general collection of links with more information about it.

    Why you should buy one too:

  • The Keyboard is top-notch, if you have dextrous fingers you can even type with 4-6 fingers (2-3 from each hand) and not having to use your thumbs.
  • There is no better screen in the industry. Full VGA.
  • It runs Linux, and having a terminal on your PDA is just wonderful. It even supports a full samba server/client to do windows networking.
  • As it runs Linux, it is also highly customizeable.
  • Is one of the most powerful devices out there in terms of raw CPU speed [400mhz]

    What things aren't so great

  • Nothing built-in, so although you have a CF card slot for expandability, you always have a cumbersome card sticking out. The next real big advancement in the Zaurus line of devices will be once it comes with integrated WiFi.
  • Expensive, primarily because it is, and will always, only be available in Japan. Although some companies sell englisgh converted units.
  • When I got the device I immediately showed to my various hackery friends, one of which promptly looked online for security holes in its firmware. [he found 3 right off the bat] so now I have to find upgrades to prevent my mobile-linux from getting 0wnz0red.
  • Sadly, WiFi points still arent as frequent as you'd hope.

    Enough with that, on with the mounds of collected Zaurus related links! Definitely the places to see whether you'd be interested.

    I've been exceedingly pleased with mine, its been very useful for my purposes. I even composed and uploaded this page entirely on it.

  • sharp760.WMV

    It even has a website listing good software!

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