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Wiki work

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by virgil:
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by virgil:

by virgil:

According to the Navy Department OP-20-G Course in Crypt- analysis, the solution of a substitution cipher generally progresses through the following stages:

(a) Analysis of the cryptogram(s)

(1) Preparation of a frequency table.

(2) Search for repetitions.

(3) Determination of the type of system used.

(4) Preparation of a work sheet.

(5) Preparation of individual alphabets (if more than one)

(6) Tabulation of long repetitions and peculiar letter distributions.

(b) Classification of vowels and consonants by a study of:

(1) Frequencies (2) Spacing (3) Letter combinations (4) Repetitions

(c) Identification of letters.

(1) Breaking in or wedge process (2) Verification of assumptions. (3) Filling in good values throughout messages (4) Recovery of new values to complete the solution.

(d) Reconstruction of the system.

(1) Rebuilding the enciphering table. (2) Recovery of the key(s) used in the operation of the system (3) Recovery of the key or keyword(s) used to construct the alphabet sequences.


by strick:
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